Here are just a few examples of my (mostly) commissioned music ventures.

I Wrote & recorded this song, working with Hero 4 Hire. The voices are myself and various folks from H4H.
Wrote the music and lyrics for these songs, produced for Cloudkid/Scholastic. That’s also me providing most of the voices. Recorded at riverview sound in Waltham with Sam Margolis. Did most of the vocals. Other rad musicians: Greg Beadle: Drums, Jim Zavadoski: Bass, Jay DiBiasio: Guitars.
Original content for H4H. Was able to craft the music and sound design at the same time. Midi-instruments but I think they work! That’s also me doing the voice of the Bear at the end.
This was recorded as part of a collaboration with Three Day Threshold. I wrote the song and sing lead vocals. Obviously the best part of this is the video, which was conceived and animated by Mike Annear, Dan Flynn, and Joe Boyle.
This is the first time anyone paid me to write music. The amazing Jen Oxley hired me to create the music for these videos (there are 5 in total I believe). The music is raw but cute I think… but the real star here is obviously Jen’s amazing vision. She later went on to direct “Wonder Pets”, “Peg & Cat”, “Little Bill” and other great stuff. She’s cool, rules… and I think she has a directing Emmy…
Did over 20 of these vids years ago. I wrote the music and performed many of the instruments. AWESOME PRODUCTION and mix courtesy of Adam Rourke. Drums by the talented Rich Adkins
Really happy with the way the music came out on this little bit we did for H4H. Wrote/crafted the music after the talented Snick Reyes created this very cool looping animation.
This was a song I wrote just for the hell of it, then Dan Kanemoto made a super awesome video for it. It screened in the Maryland film festival!!!
This is a version of Paul McCartney’s “One of These Days” I recorded a few years back. Noelle Leblanc sings lead (that’s her in the vid), Randy Creasi bomped some drums, then I made this smeary little video for it.
Wrote/sang the theme song for this fun project for Cloudkid/Nickelodeon. It’s fun!

Didn’t do the sound design on this one, but hear the rad music that kicks in about 20 seconds in? I wrote/produced/created that. I’m not a huge of the sounds on top of the music but sometimes some things are out of your control…
Yeah… I also MADE this video using a bunch of weird techniques. Think I “animated” the graveyard sequence directly in Adobe Premiere but its been so long I don’t remember exactly. Awesome musicianship on this from Ryan Barrett: Drums/Spooky Voice, Neil Lawrence: Bass, Bert Gualtieri: Lead Guitar. Excellent bonus performances in the video by PJ Aspesi: Spooky Face, Bryan Durning: Cute Spooky Face, Kier Byrnes: Spooky Axe Man!
Yeah hahahahahahahaahaha… for the record this song is not just ME, it’s also Jesse Spence who played the drums and is doing the falsetto vox at the end. I don’t think System of a Down even existed when we recorded this. Oh wait… okay they started in 1994 but their debut album came out in 1998 and I’d definitely never heard of them. Pretty sure I was just singing with a funny/weird voice cuz like, I don’t think I thought anyone would ever even hear it? I think? I don’t remember…