This is the website of Joe Pleiman: Creative content maker, EMMY NOMINATED sound designer & music maker, AWARD-WINNING FILMMAKER, Freelance videographer, professor, writer, and terrible ice hockey player. HELLO!

Creative Content

I spent the years 2016 – 2021 creating original short-form content for the Cambridge, MA businesses Dana Hill & Cambridge Spirits. These shorts involved shooting, writing, editing and acting in original content, directing amateur talent, animation, music editing, original graphics and most importantly: working fast with extremely limited resources.

During my recent stint at Hero 4 Hire, in addition to my role as Audio Director, I helped to generate content in a variety of ways. Towards the end of my tenure I created the original concept and initial storyboard for our 2022 Halloween Card. I also helped workshop other internal concepts and pitches.

While at Soup 2 Nuts, I co-created and wrote a number of the “Komputer Lab” animated shorts created by Soup 2 Nuts which featured the voice talents of Larry Murphy (Bob’s Burgers), Chelsea Peretti (Brooklyn 99) and Todd Barry (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)

Additionally, I have worked independently with a number of different artists to create show bibles and RFP’s.

Sound Design & Music

25+ years experience making cool sounds for a wide array of projects! One time I received an Emmy nomination for “Word Girl”. I recently wrapped a stint as Audio Director at Hero 4 Hire in Waltham, MA.

My music highlights include the work I’ve done over the years for PBS/Sesame Street and Scholastic Media, in addition to the numerous albums I’ve written/produced both as a solo artist and in collaborative/band ventures. There’s also that “Zelda” song…

Additionally, I’ve provided music and sound assets for various video games, most notably for a variety of games for Freeverse Software. Lately I’ve provided sound design assets for Audio Stable. This is an exciting, quickly evolving field.


I’ve authored about a dozen feature length screenplays and numerous scripts for tv and short content. Want to read my of scripts? Or better yet, want to buy & produce one? Email me!


Filmmaking & Video

I’ve created original video content for a variety of clients, like Boston College, Northeastern University, Blauer, Dana Hill, as well as numerous personal short films & music videos.

My Short film “The Paper Route” (photographed by badass director Jeremy Saulnier) won 7 Craft Awards in the NYU First Run Festival, including awards for Directing, Editing and Sound Design. I was also awarded the first-ever Maurice Kanbar Screenwriting Award for the same film.


I’ve taught sound design for a while too, currently at Berklee College of Music, and previously at Northeastern University, both in Boston. It’s fun!

Other Endeavors

Jorbi’s Pub Quiz (For 15+ years, I’ve hosted and generated all original content for what I call a “craft trivia” night for a loyal cadre of triviosos)

Summer Villains (My band. We write songs, release albums, and play out, sometimes at small venues like Plough & Stars, and sometimes at rad festivals like Harpoon Oktoberfest)

The Lost Log Flume Saloon (My high-end vintage resale business. I find cool stuff, assemble cool stuff, sell cool stuff)

New England Drinker (Web/Social Media Endeavor dedicated to the exciting world of New England Drinking culture)