PRIMARY SKILLS:  Film & Video Production, Video Editing, Sound Design, Songwriting, Music Editing, Adobe Premiere,  After Effects and Photoshop

Past Clients include: PBS, Jibo, Adult Swim, Sesame Street, Arnold Advertising, Hero 4 Hire, Cloud Kid, Northeastern University, Jennifer Oxley, Freeverse Software, America’s Test Kitchen, Ex Mortis Films, EVW Communications, Blauer

2011 Emmy Nomination Outstanding Sound Editing – Live Action and Animation for “Word Girl”


  • Northeastern University “Husky Card” series of educational videos, Spring 2016
  • Blauer Uniforms, series of promotional web-videos, Spring 2016
  • Assorted Music Videos for a variety of bands
  • Davis Square Video, promotional web video, Spring 2014

Northeastern University 2014 – Current


Soup 2 Nuts 2004 – 2012

  • Head Sound Designer & Audio Engineer
  • Writer, Director, Co-creator of “Computer Lab”, an animated series produced for Turner’s Gametap, featuring Todd Barry, Chelsea Peretti, Larry Murphy and Dee Snider
  • Sound Design, Mix, Music Spotting & Editing for entirety (over 150 episodes) of the Emmy Award Winning PBS series “Word Girl” and various associated shorts & interstitials
  • Foley Performance, Recording, Editing
  • Built extensive custom sound effects library off of location recordings and foley recordings
  • Sound Designer for over 20 “39 Clues” Web Shorts
  • Sound Designer & Music Editor for Season 1 of “Assy Magee” for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim
  • Sound Designer for various shorts for PBS series “Between the Lions”
  • Dialogue Editing for various shows, such as “Word Girl”, “Assy Magee”, & “Time Warp Trio”
  • Sound Design & Mix for “Legal Seafood” ad campaign
  • Oversaw maintenance, purchase & upgrades of all audio equipment
  • Supervised assistant audio editors & interns

Lunch Lab for PBS Kids Go 2010 – Current

  • Wrote & Performed 18 rock-oriented tracks as the band “Freezerburn”
  • Sound Design & Mix for over 30 web shorts & games
  • Writer for select shorts

Cloud Kid 2010 – Current

  • Sound Design & Mix for various OZMAT shorts
  • Sound Design & Mix for “Bro Duel” for Nickelodeon
  • Music Composition & Production for “Earth to Allen” for Nickelodeon
  • Sound Design & Mix for various Phillippe & Pierre shorts
  • Sound Design & Mix for award-winning “The Sky is Falling” animated short

Hero 4 Hire 2010 – Current

  • Theme song for “Kid Impressive” for Nickelodeon
  • Sound Design & Mix for various projects including demo reel

America’s Test Kitchen 2010 – 2011

  • Editing for various segments of “America’s Test Kitchen Radio” for NPR
  • General Audio consultation

K-Town Elementary 2010

  • Creator, Writer, Director, Peformer, Sound Designer, Composer for online animated webshorts

Sesame Street 2004 – 2008

  • Composed & Performed Music for “Helping Little Kitten” series of shorts, directed by Emmy Award Winning Director Jennifer Oxley (Little Bill, Wonder Pets)
  • Composed & Performed Music for “Janie & Jerome” shorts by Jennifer Oxley & Eric Weil

Arnold Advertising 2010

  • Wrote, Performed & Recorded track “Dear Mom” for nationally televised Radioshack campaign

EVW Productions 2006 – 2009

  • Composed & Performed music for various projects

Ex Mortis Films 1998 – Current

  • Sound Design for 2014 Doritos commercial
  • Sound Design for 2013 “Evil Dead” Trailer
  • Sound Design for various projects, included 2010’s “Articles of War”
  • Songwriter/Performer for “On the Road for Christmas” animated video

Freeverse Software 2000 – 2006

  • Composed & Performed music for video games such as “Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab” and “Wingnuts”

Odd Claim to Fame 2000

  • Wrote & Recorded “Zelda” song, downloaded over 10 million times worldwide & famously misattributed to “System of a Down”

Oxygen Network 1999 – 2000

  • Sound Designer for various animated projects

APV West, Burbank, CA 1998 – 1999

  • Sound Designer, Foley, Mixer, Audio Restoration for various live action & animated projects

Harmonic Ranch, New York City 1997 – 1998

  • Sound Designer for various live action & animated projects

Tisch School of the Arts, Film Audio Department 1995 – 1998

  • Assistant Manager of Audio Department
  • Staff Mixer, mixing on both 16mm Mag and the earliest Pro Tools Editing & Mixing Suites
  • Oversaw Equipment maintenance, supervised employees


  • Director, Songwriter, Performer for “Beach Cats” music video, 2011
  • Producer, Songwriter, Peformer for “I Want a Zoo for Christmas” music video, 2010
  • Songwriter, Guitarist & Lead Singer for Boston-based bands “Summer Villains”, “Hip Tanaka”, “Safari Attack” and “Bluegrazer”
  • Director, Songwriter, Peformer, Editor for “Budweiser is Awesome” Spec Commercial


  • New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, BA in Film & Television Production, graduated 1998


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