I’ve been writing screenplays and such for a long friggin’ time. I’m not sure what the FIRST thing I wrote was, but I know I wrote a screenplay for a short film in high school about a batch of Walnut pancakes that lead to the whole world going insane and playing air guitar. It was like “The Stuff” meets “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” meets “On the Air” (a sadly forgotten but awesome comedy by Lynch/Frost that ABC buried in 1991).

A lot of screenwriters look at screenwriting as an art form in its own right, which I’m not totally down with. That’s like saying blueprints are the art, and not the building. BUT. There certainly is an art to dialogue and storytelling and setting and yada yada yada. I dig it.

While at NYU I won the first (and perhaps only) Maurice Kanbar Screenwriting Award for my film “The Paper Route”.  While at Soup 2 Nuts, I co-created and wrote many episodes of the animated series “Computer Lab”.

I’ve also written a number of feature screenplays (I’m currently working on three new ones… focus is not my strong suit.) But I’m posting below, just a few writing samples.

REUNION SHORT FILM – Just wrote this a month or so ago. Should I film it? I dunno…Reunion

JUAN, TOOTH & TREE – A little “pitch” that I wrote and was magically rendered by Rachel Maguire. I think it came out fun!  Juan_Tooth_Tree-Pitch

WORD GIRL SPEC SCRIPT – Wrote this when I worked at Soup 2 Nuts.  I think its a fun little script (helps if you’ve seen the show to understand the humor.) WordGirlSpec

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