Sound Design

I’ve been sound designing and editing audio since I got my first Realistic Tape Recorder from Santa Claus when I was 5 years old. I eventually moved onto the good ol’ Tascam 424 4-track, then, in college, cut tape and had to rig up big ol’ mag machines as a staff mixer in NYU’s Film Sound Department. Then, Pro Tools happened. That’s been my primary audio whip for the past 20 years (though I will still, on occasion, pull out that old Tascam.)

I’m terrible at marketing myself. Here’s a demo of just a few bits I’ve done lately…

A couple years ago I taught a sound design class at Northeastern University. Great fun. As part of the class I had students re-do the audio of a ridiculous scene from the movie “MS 45″. Here’s the original audio:

So, since I was having them do it, I figured I should try it out myself, first. Here was my “example”, which I really enjoyed making. Raw Ramen Noodles were a very important element here:

I spent 6 years as the catch-all “sound guy” at Soup 2 Nuts, an animation studio based in Watertown, MA. I was the music editor, the sound editor, the sound designer, the mixer, the foley guy, the… you get it. It was fun, and I managed to score an Emmy nomination for my work on the tv series “Word Girl”. But I lost to “Penguins of Madagascar”. I didn’t take it too hard. They had a crew of 13. I was one dude in a little room…

The 39 Clues (done for Scholastic via Soup2Nuts) stuff was a lot of fun:

Additionally, I’ve done sound work for various other projects with a bunch of talented folks at places like Hero 4 Hire, Cloud Kid, and Planet Nutshell. My sound design (and music) can also be heard in the PBS Web platform “Lunchlab”.

I’m also not opposed to taking the odd “for fun” gigs, like this one I did for my buddy Dan early in 2012. It looks awesome and was hella fun to sound design and do the music editing for:

EVIL DEAD: AN ANIMATED TRIBUTE from Daniel Kanemoto on Vimeo.

Got a fun project you need sound design for? Drop me a line…

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